DMC Insertion & Removal Tools



DMC is dedicated to serving the connector tooling needs of the electronics industry. we, therefore, top off our product package with a wide variety of installing and removal tools. Although we supply both plastic and metal tools, we recommend the use of the metal tools because of their durability. When used properly they are more cost effective in that they withstand thousands of contact insertion and removal cycles. The trend to all metals tools is being actively encouraged by most departments of the government. DMC installing and removal tools are of proven high quality and reliability. in addition to the tools listed in these reference table, we have many more for other connector applications. please contact us for more details. DMC1155 general purpose insertion & removal tool kit DMC’s general purpose insertion and removal tool kit (p/n: dmc1155) contains metal insertion and removal tools for common mil-spec circular connectors, d-sub miniature connector, arinc connectors and as81714 terminal junctions.