DMC Middle Range Crimp Tool



DMC Middle Range Crimp Tool – mh860 (m22520/7-01) Qalified to mil-dtl-22520/7*, the DMC MH860 is a recent addition to the military specification. It was developed to meet the demonstrated need for supporting the majority of electrical systems with one versatile crimp tool frame. The mh860 accepts the entire middle wire range of 16 through 28 awg, with positioners which adapt it to virtually all applications consistent with others in the mil-dtl-22520 family. Pneumatic versions of this tool can be found here. The dmc123 tool kit contains the mh860 tool frame, tool gauge, and all mil-spec positioners also included in the dmc123 are tool instruction sheets and a tool selection chart.


Technical Specification:

Military p/n dmc p/n Description nsn
M22520/7-01 mh860 Tool frame 5120-01-335-8573
M22520/7-02 86-1s Positioner 5120-01-335-8597
M225207-03 86-2 Positioner 5120-01-335-8598
M22520/7-04 86-3 Positioner 5120-01-335-8599
M22520/7-05 86-4 Positioner 5120-01-335-8600
M22520/7-06 86-5 Positioner 5120-01-335-8601
M22520/7-07 86-6 Positioner 5120-01-335-8602
M225207-08 86-7 Positioner 5120-01-335-8603
M225207-09 86-11s Positioner 5120-01-335-8604
M225207-10 86-12s Positioner 5120-01-335-8605
M22520/7-11 86-19 Positioner 5120-01-335-8606
M22520/7-12 86-20 Positioner 5120-01-335-8607
M22520/7-13 86-21 Positioner 5120-01-335-8608
M22520/3-3 g145 Gage 5120-00-338-0378
86-37 Adjustable positioner
DMC132 m22520/7 tool kit 5180-01-355-5616