DMC The MIl-C-28840 Crimping Tooling



MIL-C-28840 connectors were developed for the navy, for use with jacketed cable in shipboard applications. They are a high density circular connector series utilizing a high shock threaded coupling system with front release crimped contacts.

For these connectors dmc has added a new crimping tool to its range, the M22520/34-01 and other tools as follows:

Military P/N DMC P/N Description DMC P/N
M22520/34-01 39-000 Basic crimp tool 5120-01-242-3516
M22520/34-02 39-102 Positioner 5120-01-242-1041
M22520/35 g345 Gage 5220-01-392-1065
M81969/33-01 DAK55-22SA Inst. Tool (straight) 5120-01-230-1506
M81969/33-02 DAK55-22JA Inst. Tool (offset) 5120-01-335-8666
M81969/34-01 DRK56-22A Removal tool 5120-01-230-1507
DMC782 MIL-C-28840 tools kit 5180-01-363-1391