Radius Gage



We are supplier & trader of Radius Gage.


  • Radius size is stamped on each gage.
  • Both concave and convex radius gages become a pair.
  • With a locking clamp.

Technical Specifications:-


Range Composition of Leaves Remarks
1-7mm 34 pairs:1-3mm by 0.25mm, 3.5-7mm by0.5mm 180º arc
7.5-15mm 32 pairs: 7.5-15mm by 0.5mm 180º arc
15.5-25mm 15 pairs:15.5-20mm by 0.5mm,21-25 by 1mm 180º arc
0.4-6mm 18leaves: 90º arc
0.5-13mm 26 leaves:0.5-13mm by 0.5mm 90º arc