LED Telescopic Inspection Mirror



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LED Lighted Telescopic Inspection Mirror

LED Light illuminates dark areas for perfect inspection now available in India

  • All-angle ball joint holds lighted mirror head firmly at any angle for perfect viewing.
  • Stainless steel handle is long, strong, and lightweight for fast accurate inspection.
  • Comes with two round lithium batteries
  • Heavy Duty handle will not slip in wet oily hands
  • Replacement Mirror Head: HTE2LT-HD
  • Replacement lighted Case: HTE2LT-CS

LED Telescopic Inspection mirrors are known for their seemingly limitless uses for automotive and industrial applications. This inspection mirror is perfect to be used to look under tanks, machinery and vehicles without getting down on the floor. Easy operation in dark areas or night time. Telescopic Inspection Mirror is a great combination tool that allows you to inspect areas under machinery, automobiles and other equipment, and more easily pick up items that have fallen or rolled underneath. Also available round or rectangular sizes.