Magnifying Lens



We are leading supplier & trader of Magnifying Lens.

Standard Model has external springs and a 130 mm clear view glass lens with shadow free 22 watts circular lamp illumination. This is the most popular ‘value for money’ model, available ex stock and used in large numbers on manufacturing and assembly lines.

Lens:  Specially designed, distortion controlled high quality lens correctly sized for both eyed (bi-ocular) vision.

Clear diameter 130 mm, 3.2D lens. Provides about 4 times area magnification.

Working clearance below lens mount is 250 mm, and field seen can be up to 250 mm.

Illumination: 22 watt standard circular fluorescent light providing shadow free, bright illumination.

Stand: Highly optimized design , spring balance stand with feather-touch movement to place lens in the correct position and orientation. Lens center can reach out 900 mm in front of mount axis with up to  360 degrees swivel.