Frame Levels



We are supplier & trader of Frame Levels.


  • Standard version with two prismatic measuring bases bottom horizontal and left hand vertical, and two flat measuring bases top horizontal and right hand vertical, contact faces hand scraped for sensitivity 0.05 mm/m and better, according to Standards DIN877 + DIN2276/1
  • Various options are possible (see table below)
  • Simple adjustment of the zero-point and of rollover errors (twist) of the main vial, due to an ingenious adjusting system
  • Excellent view on the vial from above and from the side
  • The main vial being fixed in a special mounting device, the vial is absolutely free from any tensions
  • Transversal vial with a sensitivity of 2-5 mm/m for easier handling of the level when measuring on horizontal shafts or in the vertical
  • The prismatic bases are suitable for shaft diameters Ø 17 … Ø 135 mm, depends on the dimensions / Details see table below
  • Special plastic handles on 3 sides eliminate the transfer and influence of the body temperature
  • Packed in a wooden storage case
  • Adjustable Micrometer Spirit Level