Clinorapid 45



We are supplier & trader of Clinorapid 45.


• Standard version with prismatic measuring base of hardened steel, finely

rectified, 200 mm long, without magnetic inserts, according to

Standard DIN877

• Options:

• Measuring base of hardened steel, prismatic, with magnetic inserts

• Main circle: 2 x 180 degrees / 1 division = 1 degrees

• Vernier for reading: 1 division = 10 Arcmin

• Reading: 10 Arcmin

• The prismatic bases are suitable for shaft diameters Ø 17 … Ø 80 mm

• Packed in a wooden storage case


• The CLINORAPID 45 is suitable for measuring any inclination in degrees and minutes, on flat surfaces and shafts. Measuring range ± 180 degrees

• As this instrument does not measure using a glass vial, it is nearly independent from the environmental temperature and can therefore

very well be used for outdoor measurements

• As soon as the pendulum disc supported by ball bearings and equipped with magnetic damping is released, it aligns to the gravity. The inclination can be read on the large circular scale (± 180 degrees) against a 10 Arcmin vernier.The reading is retained until next release

• The CLINORAPID 45 enables measurements in very bad visibility and under aggravated conditions

• Optional magnetic inserts in the measuring base assure an excellent adhesion to shafts and surfaces in any position