Muti-function THERMOMETER, Real time data logger

Model : YK-2005TM

* High capacity, 16,000 data logger point.

* Real time data logger (record year, month, date, hour, minute, second).

* Multi-function : Type K, Type J, Pt100 ohm, Infrared Thermometer.

* Type K : -50 to 1300 oC, Type J : -50 to 1100 oC, Pt 100 ohm -200 to 850 oC.

* Optional probe : Type K probe, Type J probe,, PT 100 probe, IR probe.

* Max., Min., Data hold, zero adjust.

* RS232/USB computer interface.

* Optional data transmission software, SW-DL2005.

* Jumbo LCD display.

* DC 1.5V ( UM3, AA ) x 4 PCs or DC 9V adapter in.

* Size : 203 x 76 x 38 mm.


Technical Specifications:


Model MiniTemp
Temperature Range -18 to 400°C
(0 to 750°F)
-30 to 500°C
(-20º to 932 ºF)
Distance to Spot Size (D:S) 8:1 10:1
Response time 500 mSec 500 mSec
Emissivity Pre-set at 0.95 Pre-set at 0.95
Accuracy ±2%, or ±2°C (±3°F)
whichever is greater
±1.5%, or ±1.5°C (±3°F)
whichever is greater
Typical Distance to Target (Spot) Up to 1.5m (4ft) Up to 2m (6ft)
Laser Sighting Yes Yes
Protective Boot No Yes
Holster Option Available Included


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