Swivel Type Bench Vice




  • Industry’s favorite Mechanic’s Bench Vices for 40 years had been made better. It’s more of a “workhorse” than ever and here are solid reasons why
  • Massive Anvil: More anvil area than before and the largest of any Mechanic’s Vice in the market.
  • Precision machine component & bearing surface for smooth operation and reliability.
  • Swivel base rotates 360 degree can firmly be locked at any point.


  • Stressed Parts “Beefed – up” ! Areas of greatest stress have been strengthened with shock resisting C.I. casting for long dependable service.
  • The large Diameter main screw fine pitched, square thread made of high grade steel.
  • Long Forged Steel: Detachable and replaceable nut.
  • Replaceable hardened steel serrated jaw plates guarantee a fast non-slip grip.