Minitest 650 Thickness Gauge


We are Leading supplier & trader of Minitest 650 in chennai.

Rugged coating thickness gauge

• for any non-magnetic coatings on steel such as paint, enamel, chrome, zinc, etc.

• for any insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals such as paint, anodising, ceramics on aluminium, copper, zinc die-cast, brass, etc.

Ram- and impact-protected through rubber rimmed casing

Sensor with newly developed

wear-resistant carbide metal tip


Designed for durability and highprecision, MiniTest 650 is the ideal tool for any measuring task in the finishing industry. The rugged and easy-to-handle thickness gauge combines extended mechanical life on the one hand and high accuracy on the other hand to meet the requirements of any professional user in the shipbuilding, automotive, bridge building, construction or other industry.


Range Available

Model 650 F (steel) 0 … 3000 µm / 120 mils

Model 650 N (non-ferrous metal) 0 … 2000 µm / 80 mils

Model 650 FN (dual sensor) 0 … 2000 µm / 80 mils