Hss Bimetal Band Saw Blades



Available in different length, width, thickness & TPI


Band saw blades can be cut and welded to any length. When ordering band saw blades you need to supply

the following information:


  • Kind of blade materlal (Bi- Metal, Hardback, Flexback)
  • Length of blade
  • Width of blade
  • Tooth pitch (Teeth per Inch)


Neither the number of teeth per inch, set or style affect the price. Only the type of material, length and width

determine price.


  • A finer tpi will give longer blade life.
  • For bundles, select a tpi one step coarser than appropriate for the single unit.
  • TPI must be correct for hard to cut materials else the blade life will be shortened.
  • Finer TPI gives better finish