Digimatic Micrometer


We have set a benchmark in the industry for distributing and tradingDigimatic Micrometer. The offered tester is widely used for detecting the thickness of steel, iron and forged metal parts. This device is exceptional in performance and is effective in decreasing the down time. It provides with ultimate measuring solutions for being completely digital and accurate in measurements. We are known for meeting with deliveries within the stipulated time period.


  • Provided only with an origin-set button for easy origin setting
  • A ratchet stop or friction thimble for a constant measuring force. Measurement readout with large characters on the LCD screen. This is the fastest selling model of Digimatic micrometer in Mitutoyo and are available in 2 models in metric & in combined model


  • Simply measures: 0-25 mm
  • Resolution: 0.001 mm