Cast Iron Surface Tables



We offer a qualitative range of precision Cast Iron Surface Tables. These cast iron surface plates provide an accurate reference plane for precision gauging, inspection and tooling setup. We make use of good quality closed grain cast iron that is as per the is 210:1993 confirming to grade fg-220. The meticulous manufacturing processes that are carried out at our premise makes these cast iron plates apt for machine shops, quality control and standard rooms. Our precision cast iron surface plates are utilized in the applications, where strict accuracy required hence, these plates are appropriate for high precision work and are ideal for blue matching.

We lay a lot of emphasis on the quality and traceability of our cast iron surface plates. Our team of qualified engineers carries out rigorous quality control inspection to test these plates on the criteria of flatness and efficiency. The final inspection of these plates is undertaken by a high precision computerized electronic level make wyler of Switzerland.


Some of the unique features of our range of cast iron plates are:


  • Our castings are stress relieved either by natural aging or by artificial seasoning
  • a protection covering of rexin or wood is provided on the top surface of each and every plate
  • We offer fabricated stand with leveling screws on the l request of our esteemed clients. The overall working height of surface plate with stand and leveling screw will be 900 mm (approx), from floor level
  • We supply surface plates with computerized calibration certificate traceable to national physical laboratory (npl, government of India ) new Delhi